The coastal resort of Saquarema has many beaches that cater for all tastes, and offers ideal conditions for surfing. All along the fine, sandy beaches are small and cosy beach restaurants.

The town of Saquarema is dominated by the old Portuguese church “Nossa Senhora de Nazareth”, built in 1630 on top of a rock overlooking the sea.

While the majority of inhabitants who lived here were once fishermen and their families, Saquarema has since developed into a tranquil seaside resort, catering predominantly for Brazilian holidaymakers.

Polluting industrial companies and buildings over a certain number of floors are banned in this area, lending to the positive reputation of the environment and town’s landscape.

You can get to the beach by taking a public bus that passes quite often, or a cheap taxi. Transfers leaving the hotel are also offered.

Further destinations with lovely beaches are the popular seaside resorts of Cabo Frio and Búzios (55 and 70km away respectively).

Every year, an international surfing competition takes place here at the end of July/beginning of August, and concerts as well as other cultural events are organised.