We offer transport options to and from the airport with the hotel’s car at a cost of R$ 440,- each way, for up to 4 people.


From Rio airport:
You can get a taxi or a regular airport bus (provided by “REAL”) to the main bus station “Rodoviaria Novo Rio”.
Regular buses provided by “1001” go to Bacaxá – the journey takes about 90 minutes.
Or take the ferry to Niterói from Praca 15 in rio´s city centre. The Niterói bus station is located just beside the ferries. Buses provided by “1001” go to Bacaxá.
Important: If the bus takes the road RJ 106 (Rodovia Amaral Peixoto, passing Maricá – Bacaxá – Araruama), you can leave at km 62, between Sampaio Correia and Bacaxá. After 200 m on a gravel road you will reach the hotel. If the bus takes the route “Via Lagos”, leave in Bacaxá and take another bus (“Rio Lagos”) or a taxi to the hotel (Distance of 8 km).


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From the international Rio de Janeiro airport:
From the airport, take the “Linha Vermelha” speedway to “Centro” (Caution – 2 speed cameras!). When you see a container port on the left, keep left and follow “Niterói” (single-lane narrow exit on the left side).

Go over the long bridge towards Niterói. From here, You have two options:

1. Taking the country road BR 106:
Directly after the toll station, at the end of the bridge (large Rio-Niteroi bridge), keep left and follow “Regiao dos Lagos”, then keep right and follow Marica.
Drive straight through Niterói and go uphill out of the city, still on the RJ 104.
9 km after leaving Niteroi,in the town of Tribobo, after a Shell service station,take a right towards “Maricá” on the RJ 106.
From there, it’s exactly 62km to get to our hotel.
Pass by Rio do Ouro, Inoã, Maricá and Sampaio Correia.
N.B.: In Maricá, do NOT follow the sign for Saquarema (a right turn), but go straight on and stay on the BR 106.
After Sampaio Correia, you will pass a petrol station with a snack bar called “Dragão” and a small mountain.
After you reach the top of the hill, take the first left turn onto a gravel road (at 62km);
our hotel lies 200 metres away.
Altogether (on all roads combined), there are around 15 speed cameras that motorists are warned about with the sign “fiscalisação eletronica”
Please observe the speed limits, as speeding fines are expensive! )

2. Taking the Via Lagos toll road:
Directly after the bridge toll station, take the left lane and head towards Saquarema /Manilha on the BR 101.
Take the BR 101 to Rio Bonito, then take the Via Lagos RJ-124, direction Cabo Frio. After the toll station on the Via Lagos, keep left and follow the BR-128 towards Saquarema. At the crossroads in Bacaxá, opposite an Ipiranga petrol station, turn right onto the BR 106 toward saquarema, Rio de Janeiro + Marica. Follow this road for 8km. After a sharp left turn at 62km, take a right onto a gravel road (the signs for the hotel are on the edge of the road). The hotel is only 200 m away.


From Saquarema:

In Bacaxá, take the RJ 106 (Rodovia Amaral Peixoto) towards Rio de Janeiro + Maricá. Follow this road for 8 km. After a left turn at km 62, turn right on a gravel road (hotel signs on the side of the road). The hotel is only 200 m away.