We have 9 Campolino and Mangalarga-Marchador horses (a Brazilian breed), known for their gentle “marcha” (comfortable trot, similar to the tölt), as well as for their good-tempered and patient disposition.

We offer riding lessons for both beginners and advanced riders. These include horse grooming, saddling and longe lessons as well as cross-country excursions. Beginners are carefully trained on how to manage the horses and after a few lessons, they can take part in excursions. Each guest is entitled to a free hour’s riding lesson per week (non-transferable bonus).

We have a wide range of options for guests who are predominantly interested in horse riding: half or full day excursions to interesting destinations – including the sea (two and a half hours by horse) and waterfalls, the lagoon, mountains…
We also offer riding holiday packages and a combination of riding and excursion packages. We can tailor these to suit whatever excursion you have planned – just ask us for details.

Our animals are raised at the 10-hectare farmland. The horses have free rein on the vast meadow areas, and they come to feed in the sheltered area twice a day.
There is a round pan for longing and training horses, a tack room, as well as a grooming and washing area.



born around 1991, Mangalarga Marchador, mother of Attila, Ringo and Stella. Still very fit and loves going on short trips with light riders. Very gentle gait.



born around 2001, Mangolino (local name given to a cross between the Mangalarga and Campolino) – large and strong, but very excitable – for experienced riders only.



born around 2000, Mangalarga Marchador, leader of the stud. Quick gait, wonderfully gentle march.



born around 2000, Mangalarga Marchador , mother of Aisha and Samba. She ambles in addition to trotting and marching.



born around 1999 Mangalarga Pony, small, loves children and eating. Pony for carriages.



born 2004, Mangalarga Marchador, cuddly, playful and sweet.



born 2004 Mangalarga Marchador, very curious, sweet, ambles just like her mother, Mercedes.



born 11/11/2007, Mangolino (local name given to a cross between the Mangalarga and Campolino), daughter of Mercedes and the neighbour’s stallion, Galope. Curious, cheeky and curly-haired.



born 5/12/2007, Mangolino, daughter of Arabella and the neighbour’s stallion, Galope. Slim and clever, just like her mother.